Education Programs

Wilder Institute
Midwest Permaculture
Occidental Arts & Ecology Center (OAEC)
Seattle Permaculture Guild
Foundation for Sustainable Community
Wild Thyme Farm
Friends of the Trees Society - Michael Pilarski
Northwest EcoBuilding Guild
Wise Earth Ecological Land Trust
Rancho Mastatal
Cob Cottage
Emerald Earth
Seattle Tilth
OUR Ecovillage
Regenerative Design Institute - Penny Livingston
Pattern Literacy - Toby Hemenway
Lost Valley - Ecovillage & Permaculture Institute
Alderleaf Wilderness College
Bullock Brothers Farm– one of the top permaculture sites in North America
Wilder Institute – our colleagues in Central America

Kindred Organizations

Renew Fairfield - information on creating a clean, renewable energy based economy in Fairfield with case studies and interviews with those on the cutting edge of making it happen. Developed by Big Green Summer founder Lonnie Gamble's Energy Basis of Man and Nature class in 2006, the site is still under development. It is a wiki so you can add your part.
Slow Food – radically re-think the world in terms of the pleasure and sensuality of eating
Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage - an intentional community in North East Missouri
Good life Center – Carrying on the work of Helen and Scott Nearing
Surya Nagar Farm - Our farm projects in Iowa and Hawaii
Abundance Ecovillage – Intern project neighbors in Iowa abundance
Bioneers - really interesting mix of ecological design, sustainability, and social justice. One of my favorite events. Lots of free articles, talk transcripts, and podcasts.
Pattern Literacy - Gaia's Garden author and Intern Project faculty Toby Hemeny’s web site
Iowa Natural Heritage Foundations’s Agrestal Fund -
Uluwehi Farm - Intern graduate Shannon and Tom's Uluwehi Farm, North Kohala, Big Island, Hawaii -
Resources for Life - Iowa City based Greg Johnson's tiny house, local economy, comprehensive simple living web sites:
Iowa Center on Sustainable Communities - Des Moines based organization, founded in 2006, with the objective of increasing the voluntary participation in conscientious building practices
Minnesota Sustainable Communities network - well designed site with lots of great links and info that applies to lots of other places besides Minnesota.
Rocky Mountain Institute - Like their name suggests, this organization rocks. The originators of many of the best ideas for creating a just world that can run on contemporary sunlight. Read or download the book "Natural Capitalism" on line here for free. Lots of other great resources, including a section of the web site that helps put the numbers together for community-wide energy projects - Amory Lovins for Supreme Ruler of the Planet -
Natural Capitalism Inc - Hunter Lovins for Supreme Ruler of the Planet
The Danish Folkecenter for Renwable Energy - I love this place already, although I've never been there.
The Center for Alternative Technology, Wales - I've also never been here, but I have had interns who have worked here. Take the virtual tour, check out the water powered tramway. Proof that a bunch of hippies in an abandoned quarry can accomplish almost anything given enough time and the resources of the British Empire.
The Maharishi School solar energy project, Fairfield,IA. A solar (PV) electric project designed and installed by Intern Project founder Lonnie Gamble and friends and interns. The project was financed by a grant from a collective of rock stars including Bonnie Raitt, Pearl Jam, REM, Dave Matthews Band and others. The grant also paid for system monitoring and you can see - via the internet - in real time, how much electricty is generated. Many thanks to Nelson LaFrancis for his brilliant engineering, design, and fabrication of the innovative pole mounting system.
Stelle Center for Sustainable Community - Stelle, an intentional community in Illinois, has been involved in renewable energy and sustainable living for many years. Recently they began offering Permaculture Design Certification courses with some really great teachers. See more at
Permaculture Collaborative - Group of folks mostly in the Minneapolis/St Paul area. Established in 2004, they have already spun off two other projects - the Permaculture Research Institute for Cold Climates, and the Permaculture Business Guild. They offer full Permaculture Design Certification Courses and short courses as well.
Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture - Iowa's premier state-run organization for sustainable agriculture. Gives out over $1,000,000 in grants per year. Headed by Jerry Dewitt and home to Fred Kirschenman. Ironically, they are funded by a small tax on fertilizers and pesticides. Community Solutions Bioneers: Revolution from the Heart of Nature TED: Idea's Worth Spreading


Laakea Permaculture Gardens
Mark Olson's Permaculture Links
potato and garlic seeds and bulbs
Kitchen Garden magazine
Johnny's Selected Seeds
Dancing Rabbit Eco-village
5th World Sustainable Development Network
Permaculture Portal
Organic Kava Dot Com
The Permaculture Activist
Cinderland Eco-hostel
Mayumi Oda

Home Power Magazine
Jade Mountain
Alternative Energy Engineering
RealGoods, Renewables
Black Box
Golden Genesis
The Permaculture Activist

Alternative Energy:
Solar Energy International
Renewable Energy on Yahoo
Solar map of the US
Great solar oven info
El Paso solar Energy association - Lots of solar stuff

EarthHome Construction:
Natural building resources
Rocky Mountain Institute, Amory Lovins think tank
Innovative inexpensive shelter
The Cob Cottage Company


Plants for a Future
Online Custom Suncharts for passive solar design.
Journey to Forever - good information on biofuels.
Commercial Timbers information database.
Dynamic Accumulators
NewCROPTM Database - Information on a variety of potential new crops.
Plant Nutrient Deficiency Database
University of Connecticut Plant Database
Plant Propagation - Illustrated guide to asexual reproduction.
A&L Research Labs - Soil Testing Resource
Soil Foodweb - Dr. Elaine Ingham's excellent soil resource (compost tea, etc.)
Silvics of North America - Guide to tree species.
USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Finder
AHS Plant Heat Zone Finder
Henderson's Chicken Breed Chart - Comparative Info on many breeds
The Keyline Plan by P.A. Yeomans - Online Edition
Midwest Regional Climate Center - Historical Weather/Climate Data for the Midwest
Iowa Energy center solar and wind calculators - Excellent resources for calculating energy produced by solar electric, solar thermal, and wind electric systems anywhere in Iowa. First pass simulation for that wind farm you've been planning for the back 40